The Top 6 Newest Technology Trends of 2020

2020 is the year when people will see transformational changes around the world. These changes will influence our lives. As the time passes, more rapid and frequent changes will result in faster changes. Professionals know that the job of the IT workers is at risk.
What you have to do? You need to know the newest technologies and look into future. You need to stay connected with advancing technologies because the technologies are changing the world.
Here we will discuss seven newest technology trends of 2020.

Machine Learning:

The machine-Learning market will grow approximately to $8.81 billion by 2022. But what is Machine Learning? Machine Learning is an important part of Artificial intelligence. Machine Learning is when machines learn and act independently. Amazon, as we all know is now making online machine learning courses.

Block Chain:

Block chain is often called a new type of internet. Blockchain is a secure method of storing, authenticating, and protecting data, and recording data which was invented in 2008. Blockchain cannot self-modify your data. In simple words, Blockchain is immutable records of data. Block chain is not authorized; the information is open to anyone any where.

Internet of Things (IoT):

To be honest, internet of things is used to connect objects (that require intent to work) together. It allows your devices, home appliances and much other information to be connected and exchanged over the internet. You can remotely unlock and lock the door. Nowadays, IoT is frequently used everywhere in the world. IoT already has around 75 billion connected devices are going to exist on the face of this globe by the end of 2020.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is also called machine intelligence. Humans and Animals display artificial intelligence whereas machines display machine intelligence. Companies are now starting to apply Artificial Intelligence and its starting to change our businesses. This basically means that you can now go to companies like Google, Amazon or Microsoft and you find them using artificial intelligence for their progress. Six out of seven people use artificial intelligence service in America.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA):

Robotic Process Automation includes data interpretation, face-to-face communication, and even email response. RPA learns and repeats what people normally do. RPA nowadays is of a great use but it has endangered knowledgeable 9 percent of world’s workforce.

Virtual Reality (VR):

A similar or completely or different experience from the real world is called Virtual Reality. Many people like gamers use Virtual Reality for entertainment and game purpose. But Virtual ship is a part of virtual reality which helps train marine army.

Cognitive cloud Computing:

It is an extended ecosystem. It is due to this that deploys cognitive cloud computing applications and solutions to the masses using cloud computing. Not just that! Cognitive scale has curates domain optimized, cognitive cloud suites that can transform your business

Beside these advancements, IT companies still need IT professionals. ITProToday states that they are in need of 200,000 more IT staff.

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